FSX Tutorials

Installing Addon Aircraft

Installing Addon Scenery

Installing Addon Repaints/Textures

Installing Addon Cameras

Understanding FSX Cameras

Understanding the Momentum Effect
Don't want the camera moving forwards and backwards when the aircraft changes speed, learn about that here.

Adding Effects onto an Aircraft
This tutorial will walk you through how to add effects like smoke, lights, or anything else to an aircraft by editing the aircraft.cfg file.

Installing the FSX SDK
This article on FSDeveloper walks you through the process of installing the FSX SDK.


When in cockpit view, parts of other aircraft start disappearing when I get close to them.
This FSX Blue Angel download adjust the cockpit camera to elimnate the disappearance as you get close to other aircraft.

Tips & Tweaks

Adding Scenery in FSX, Windows 7 Bug
This explains how to work around the bug when adding scenery to FSX in Windows 7.

FSX File Guide
Don't know how or what to use to view a file related to FSX. This will help you out.